GMRS-Candid One!

An Un-Biased GMRS communication website...

Hello Radio Enthusiast,

My name is David and to the GMRS radio community I'm: WRJC557

I've started this site to give a Candid review of the GMRS hobby and go through some of the Q&A's we've all gone through when starting out... I encourage your feedback to help me provide the best resources for new GMRS users and the continued improvement of resources found on this website...

What will you find?

Getting started (How to Getting your license)

Blogs about the GMRS hobby (Mine & Yours if you share)

Helpful links I've used on my journey

YouTube videos (a collection of videos, that I found helpful) 

Product line-option Links (& affordable alternatives)

The Beginning

Hello,  I'd Like to introduce myself... 

Safety First...


Note: This website is Non-For-Profit and receives No Compensation from any: Links, Videos, Products or Blogs that have been posted on this Site. I've compiled this information simply to help others enjoy the radio hobby and any information found on this site is for entertainment only and I hold no responsibility for: Links, Videos, Products or injuries from their use. Thank you, WRJC557